Change Habits

Everyone wants to change habits because we all have bad ones. They evolve from being affected, observation, and practicing. During our life, we develop different habits, good ones and bad ones. It is obvious that we need to keep the good habits, but in order to improve our life, we need to change habits and leave those bad habits. It is difficult to dispose bad habits, especially in case of addiction. In the next steps you will find the most important bad habits you should get rid of.

Many times people find themselves making excuses. When someone encounters a complicated situation, he will make excuses why this problem is beyond his reach. Excuses like: “This is who I am”, “People encounter this problem frequently, and the chances to solve it are very low”. With that attitude you won't succeed in your way to change your life for the better. Instead, you should change habits and say “I have the ability to solve this problem, and I will do all I can”. You need to start telling yourself the truth. With the truth you can certainly get to a better life.

If you want to commit to the steps of your life improvement, you can do it by starting a new habit, a better one. For example, drinking more water. Many people can't drink water, although water is very healthy. Rather than despising a thing that is helpful for you, tell yourself over and over again, I will drink more water. In case of manging to drink only one glass of water for a few days, it is great since it's a first step of your way to change habits.

Stop judging! People usually make this mistake and judge others, including themselves. The judging of other people is usually wrong since you don't really know a person until you had the chance to talk to him. In addition, the problem with judging yourself is that it is generally biased. Therefore, you should leave the judging for our Master in the sky, in order to stay in the way of improving your life.

How many times did you have negative thoughts? This is beyond my abilities. My life is so empty. Who put a “persecute me” sign on my head? Changing your thoughts to positive ones will make you a lot happier, and you can even start now. For example, keep saying, I am capable of doing that, and I am going to do that. Rather than declare that your life is so empty, accept it, but work to improve it. In case of feeling persecuted, you need to find out whether or not you do something which causes you to have this feeling. Does anyone among your friends wears you down? In case the answer is yes, you may consider searching for a new one, since no one is worth suffering for, unless he is very close to you. You have the ability to change yourself, but still, you can't change others.

A life change should be made with baby steps rather than overnight. While trying to improve their life, people usually jumps the gun. It can only cause frustration.
A good advice is looking for support and feedback, when you are in a way of improving your life, reaching success doesn't have to be all by yourself. You can find support at the library, on the Internet, at colleges, etc. You can also get feedback from the people you trust.