Increase Courage

Building courage contributes to your life for the better. It helps you taking opportunities that normally you would rather miss, due to the risk involved. By taking these opportunities which can change your life for good, you leave your fear behind you. Building courage doesn't mean avoiding your fears, but rather to face them in order to control them instead of letting your fears control you. There are healthy fears such as the fear you experience when a bus is heading your way and unhealthy fears which usually control your life. The fears which you should get rid of are the unhealthy ones, because healthy fears don't harm you but rather warn you from danger.

The next step After building courage is to guide yourself in life with it. For example, getting both negative and positive feedbacks with pleasure. Instead of being angry when someone criticize you, a courageous human being is motivated by those criticisms and use them to correct his way. Additionally, When courageous persons encounter opportunities in their path, they face them and make a decision rather than escaping from them. however, they are also looking backwards at their mistakes in order to learn a lesson for the future.

Courageous people are often spontaneous. The fact is that it usually doesn't work out, since you never know what will happen the next day. When you plan to do something, many times it doesn't carry out, due to things like the weather or accidents. Therefore, a courageous person is usually spontaneous, since planing doesn't always have a successful result.

Another factor for having a happier life is the ability to relax. Not only when things work out for you, but also relaxing when your plan fails. For example, in case you planned something outdoors, and it started to rain, you should find other thing to do pleasantly and look at it as an adventure.

Learning to trust yourself is also important for a life improvement. A person who trust himself, can easily trust others. This ability will contribute to your social life, because when you trust yourself, you hardly blame other people when something doesn't work out for you.

There are more factors which contribute to a joyful life. Such as, creativity and the ability to criticize, instead of living your life passively. Don't let your emotions control you, and accept the discomforts in life, the bad situations, the changes that life brings you, the good with the bad, and most important, learn to accept yourself as you are.

The main part of success and a happier life is to build courage. All of the factors mentioned above are followed by this basic part. To summarize, don't be afraid in any situation life brings your way, and accept the good things together with the bad things.