Get Organized and Release the Stress

When your house is full of clutter, the brain tries to take all of this in when you enter the house, and add that to a brain already full from work, school, or other activities that make up your day, and you will feel anxious or stressed, and not really know why.
We can't change a lot of things on that outside world, or all the responsibilities we have, but we can change things around our home. Our home is suppose to be a soft place to land at the end of the day, not a chaotic mess.
But trying to get organized, can feel just as stressful. The best way I found to tackle this, is to make a list of the rooms in your home, and start with the smallest one. This will give you a sense of accomplishment quicker.
In my home the back hallway was always a mess. I invested in a shoe rack, coat hooks for the wall, and a tiny cubicle storage unit for the wall. My hallway is very small, so just a few shoes here and there, the newspaper and keys and backpacks, and you were tripping as soon as you came home. Not a great way to start the evening.
I set up the shoe rack on top of some rubber mats, and instructed the family to use the shoe rack, and to take other pairs of shoes they didn't wear all the time to their own closets in their own room. That way we cut down in half the amount of shoes laying around. I had a small area where I could set up this cubicle storage unit I got from the local discount department store. They consisted of 1 foot wide by 1 foot tall and 1 foot deep white wooden boxes that you could stack, and I was able to purchase colorful baskets that would fit in this boxes. That got rid of the keys, newspapers etc. I then put up hooks on the walls for backpacks and dog leashes.
I purchased a good quality and tough mat that covered the whole floor area of my back hallway for those mucky days, and almost instantly the hallway looked great and I felt better. So, cross that room off the list, and now you will be inspired to start the next one.
Get your family involved, (or not if you think it will just cause more chaos!) but at least instruct them on the rule of "a place for everything and that does not mean the floor!" click here for more amazing ideas and tips to make your home a clutter free zone, and feel more organized. You will feel better instantly. Article by Diane Palmer

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