How Positive Comments Can Release Stress

Knowing what to say when times are rough can be difficult. It's really easy to stick one's foot into the mouth, and words can't be unsaid. There is no eraser for comments. Here are a few things to consider the next time you are faced with a difficult situation.
"I'm here for you." That is often the best thing you can say, particularly in a situation where there is nothing you can do. You can also mention that you are praying for the person/situation to be resolved in a positive manner. Knowing you aren't suffering alone makes a big difference.
Show You're Really Listening: Every once in a while, repeat back something the other person has said. This lets them know you're paying attention and giving appropriate attention to what they are saying. Sometimes that can lead to suggestions that could improve matters, though tread very carefully there. That can be construed in a very negative way in certain situations.
Sincere Compliments: Even if you aren't discussing the stressing problem, a sincere compliment will brighten up the day. It has to be something you really feel is great about the stressed person, they will recognize if it isn't.
Smile: This is useful even if you don't know the person involved. I remember an incident from my childhood. I was peeved about something and more or less storming down the sidewalk. A car pulled out and a little boy in the back seat caught my eyes and smiled at me. It changed my mood on sight, and I have never found out who he was.
Tell the Truth: You don't necessarily have to tell them everything you know, but what you do tell them has to be truthful. Even one little white lie can add stress as well as ruin your relationship. As an example, let's say that you have knowledge about some serious medical conditions and someone you know mentions they have the problem. You probably don't want to tell them everything you know about what's going on. However, when they mention this or that procedure that you are familiar with, you can comment that the treatment sounds appropriate.
What we say has an impact on the people that hear the words. That impact can be positive or negative, and the choice is ours. It's extremely important that we think before we speak, because that old rhyme about sticks and stones isn't true. Words really can hurt you.

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