Tips To Release Stress In Minutes

Getting yourself to relax and unwind during a hectic day at work or in a high pressure job is sometimes impossible. Here are some easy tips that will distract you for a while and reduce the pressure on your heart rate and blood vessels.
1) Breathing Techniques: This helps to relieve stress. Simple breathing in and out at a controlled pace brings about a remarkable change.
2) Acupressure Tools: The traditional Chinese acupressure balls work on certain points in the body and releases stress. They are available in various shapes and sizes and easy to carry.
3) Day Dreaming: This surely sounds bizarre. But if you sit for few minutes and transport your mind to a beautiful picturesque location in your mind then it will give you instant relaxation. Few minutes, in the sun and sand, drinking juices with fresh fruits and umbrellas in them will bring you joy with ease.
4) New Trends: Watching a movie trailer or going through latest in fashion trends, mobile phones and gizmos bring about a change in your mind for few minutes and can get you excited. It brings eagerness and something to look forward to. Maybe you would like to make plans to watch the movie or go to the shop and see the demo of the new gadgets.
5) Solitary Confinement: This may sound very drastic but actually few minutes if you can be alone, away from ringing phones and constant discussions with colleagues, you will feel at peace. Take a walk down the stairs to the lobby, or find a corner table at the cafeteria and enjoy the solitude. It refreshes you and helps you to tune into your inner self.
6) Harmony In Food: When the mind is distressed, people tend to eat the wrong foods and disturb the mental equilibrium. They drink too much coffee, sugar and carbohydrate based foods resulting in disturbance in the body's ability to regulate energy. Instead, one should enjoy fresh fruits, whole grain foods and low fat dairy products. These harmonize the body clock and the mind is also given a chance to relax without triggering mood swings.
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