How to Release Stress - 3 Essential Steps to Avoid Stress

It is important that we become aware of the signs of an over stressed life. When we are overstressed and do not know how to release stress properly, we tend to look for quick fixes. We turn to alcohol, smoking or other recreational drug use. These chemicals provide us with instant relief.
There are other people that turn to food or turn away from food. Some people even go as far as become sleep deprived, they miss doctor and dentist appointments all to meet the demands placed on them and "cope" with the stress associated with their life.
Being overly stressed is simply not good for our health. What is worse is turning to unhealthy quick fixes that allow us to feel better quickly, but only until the "drug" wears off. It is important then that we each learn how to release stress and release stress in a healthy manner. First we will address why releasing stress is important.
There are many health problems that are caused by and aggravated by stress:
o Heart disease
o Pain
o Sleep Problems
o Stomach Problems
o Obesity
o Depression
o Fatigue
o Skin Problems
o Fibromyalgia
o Cancer
o Lupus
o High Blood Pressure
This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a fair representation of the overall physical and emotional health problems stress causes.
As you can see, finding ways to release stress is important if you want to maintain your good overall health. To help decrease your risk of developing these health issues due to the amount of stress you have, here are a few tips on how to release stress from your life.
Tip One: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
This doesn't mean go to a club, hang out with friends and consume a few adult beverages. This means go home, pop in your favorite CD or turn on your favorite iTunes playlists and dance around your house. There is some music that it is just impossible to feel stressed when it is played. For you this could be Yanni, Keith Urban, Bob Seger, Journey... whoever it is, turn them on and dance away the stress.
Tip Two: Laugh
There are times when the stress is so intense and then you have one more thing go wrong... and all you can do is laugh. Instead of crying or screaming, laugh at what is going on. Really, and as you start to laugh think about the irony of the situation, there is humor in most things in life you just have to find it.
Tip Three: Exercise
Sometimes the only way to get it all out and feel better is to work it all out. Hit a punching bag, run a mile or two working the body is a great way to release stress.
There are other tips that you can learn on how to release stress. Find the tips that work for you for you because letting the stress build up is simply not good for you health.
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