Stress Release Through Visualization

Stress kills and that is a fact. Using visualization to deal with stress is not only effective it is a fun way to spend thirty minutes a day.
By following some simple tips you can become a master at visualization in no time. The best part is visualization is not only good for stress relief, it can be used to master a sport, prepare yourself for that job interview, build self confidence and many other things. Practice these tips until you can do them at will. In order for visualization to be effective you need to get to a point where you can turn it off and on like a switch. The only way to reach this point is through practice and determination. Everyone is different, so do not get discouraged if it seems like you are taking a long time to get the hang of it. Stick with it, it will come, you will be glad you did. Before you start it is imperative you have two things available.
1. A quiet secluded place where you can be for thirty minutes a day.
2. A soothing sound that can be played in a thirty minute loop. Make sure it is sound without vocals.
Some ideas for the type of sounds would be a soothing ambient background sound, a light rain or thunder storm or baroque music.
These are just examples, everyone is different so find whatever calms you and play it in a looping low volume in the background.
Visualization works best when you are able to watch yourself performing the task. You want to train yourself to watch as if you are floating above and watching a movie that you are directing. Anything that you can visualize you can do.
Remember to practice, each time you do this the easier it will become.
Turn on your relaxing sounds and lay down in a quiet place. You want to spend your first ten minutes releasing tension. I recommend you use this technique. First memorize these ten points.
Point 1 - Left ear
Point 2 - Right ear
Point 3 - Forehead
Point 4 - Right arm
Point 5 - Left arm
Point 6 - Chest & heart
Point 7 - Left leg
Point 8 - Right leg
Point 9 - Right foot
Point 10 - Left foot
Following in order from point 1 to point 10 spend 1 minute on each area. Tense up the area for ten seconds and then release for ten seconds. Do this 3 times each point for a total of one minute. You can tense the ear area by biting down on that side and feel the tension build in your ear. For your forehead you can crinkle up your skin. The point is to create tension then release. At the end of ten minutes you will be pretty relaxed. This step is very important. The reason it is important, is you need to completely eliminate any distractions so that you can concentrate on visualization.
Now you should be ready to start your visualization movie. You are going to direct a movie in your head and watch it with yours minds eye. You will be the star of this movie. Here is an example of a type of relaxing movie to direct: " You are getting out of your car and you feel the warmth of the suns rays hit your skin. You feel a slight breeze and can smell the salt in the air. You are of course at the beach. You look down towards the beach and you hear the seagulls chirping above. You look up and watch them for a second and then look back ahead at the waves rolling in. As you walk up to the perfect area you have found right next to a palm tree that provides just the right amount of shade, you step down and feel the beach sand go through your toes. Notice how the sand feels. Immerse yourself in the scene. You take out your blanket and lay down."
Hopefully you get what I mean by directing the scene. Lets say you want to direct a scene for a visualization that you have never experienced before. No problem, I recommend you do a search on google and find a video that will give you the feeling, sounds and visual aids that you need to create your own movie. Watch it over and over till you can picture it in your mind and then recreate it into your own movie your way with you as the main character.
As you do this it will become easier each time. This technique has a accumulative affect.
Good luck and happy visualizing
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